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Thursday, February 16, 2012

cross stitch is my passion

I absolutley love to cross stitch since i have been off work on a medical I have had more time to do it. I sometimes get so involved in one that I don't hear people talking to me. I give them for gifts at christmas, and I have sell them ( I have 2 on my etsy shop Ihave 3 that are finished I have to iron and but them on backing board then they will be in my shop.
I only do the stamped( have tried the counted I just can't get he hang of it) it is very hard to find usually ebay is my first source. Right now I am working on a Thanksgiving table runner it is almost done soon as it is finished i wash and iron it, it will be on my etsy site too.

Iam posting a couple pics of the table runner one of the almost done side and the done side.
I will post a pic of  the completed runner soon.
Here is a couple from my etsy shop already finsihed and on backing board.


  1. It is wonderful!
    How big is it? Is it kit?

  2. Thank you very much they are both 5x7's I sold the coffee one