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Thursday, February 23, 2012

A sad moment

Well I was hoping to move into a 150 year old home in June BUt I now know that isn't going to happen. Some people I known own the hosue thye haven't been able to sell it, I found out it is on the market until March 23rd if it didn't sell by then I was going to be able to move into it. It would have been awesome, I am folling all these blogs of people who refurbish furniture and decorate with old county and shabby chic, I can not put anything mor ein the home I have now it is too small. I was SO looking forward to buying pieces of furniture that need a little love furburshing and painting them and putting vintage pieces in the house to go with the homes age. It is beautiful original dark wood trim has lots of rooms, big rooms. Has a garage and lots of acres of land my daughter was lookign forward to working on cars which she so wants to do but can't with us living in the city and not havign the room. All of that dream got crashed to a halt when I was told I wasn't welcome to move into it any longer, I was very upset for a couple days, even cried, my daughter wasupset that she couldn't work on cars. I so wanted my grand daughter to experience living in a country like setting, with lots of land, and having a big garden.
Well I am over it now I am used to having lots of hopes and dreams and having them crash and burn.
Well enough about that, what's done is done, I thought well since I'm not moving I would fix up the house Iam living in. I only rent it but no one says a few hundred dollars in a rental that your going to be in awhile hurts. I put new nickel finished knobs on the kitchen cupboards. I kept the old ones so when and if I decide to move I can take the new ones. I painted 2 walls in my living room and one in my bedroom. The paint was very cheap it was pre mixed someone had brought back to the store. it only cost me $8.00 for the gallon. I painted one wall in my grand duaghter's room with a pint of pink paint that was pre mixed someone had brought back only cost me
$5.00 for the pint, and it did the whole wall. Bought new curtains for my grand daughter's room they were only $9.00 I bought 2 pair. So not much money spent.
I went the Habitat restore yesterday I found a gallon of blue gray paint and pink ceiling fan, the ceiling fan is going in my grand daughter's room and I am  going to tackle painting the bathroom I figure why not make the bathroom nice? SThe walls are white and I can't stand white. I am posting a before pic of the bathroom and when it is doen I will posting a after pic. I don't proclaim to be good at painting but we will see.

more to come!!

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