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Monday, February 20, 2012

Pain Injection

Well I had my pain injuection today--went really smooth, I waited in the waiitng room about 20 mins they took me back asked me to take my top off put on a gown I was able to keep all my other clothes on including my shoes! They took my vitals started a IV which I did not feel, I told the nurse it takes me awhile to wake up from anesthesia. Last injection I had at another facility after 2 hours they called my mother back to help wake me up and that took another 20 mins.  I waited about 10 mins they took me another room
I got on a different table on my stomach they put oxygen in my nose and put medicine through my iv tube I was out, the procedure took about 12 mins I was back int he same room I was in before I was moved. The amazing thing is I woke up right away, I commented that I woke up without trouble and right away, the nurse explained that they used a different medicine and use as little as possible. It was enough I didn't feel a thing.
I had to wait 20 mins then I was on my way. My pain was a 6 upon arriving for the procedure when I left it was a 2 which is great for me. They gave me a paper to record my pain level every hour till 9pm tonight and from the time I wake in the morning for 3 hours. My pain now is about a 3 1/2 I am hoping it doesn't go higher.
I do have very bad tingling and numbness in my feet which I can't stand drives me nuts!! Dr said that will take a while to go away IF it goes away. Medicine they gave me on tues alomost a week ago hasn't helped so far, But I'm hoping.
more to come

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