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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Well I went to the ortho Dr. monday he says there isn't anything more he can do for me the removal of my bursa was the last resort. We talked about my pain, my left hip is getting bad just like the right he ordered me a walker I said I am only going to use it when both my hips hurt so bad I can hardley walk. I currently use a cane.
He also ordered 4 more weeks of therapy, I went yesterday (tuesday) my hips weren't hurtingt too bad so I was able to do everything. On sunday and monday they hurt so bad it was all I could do to make it throught the days.
Therapy assistant said if I don't make anymore progress in the third week there is no sence in going the next 3 weeks they won't be able to justify it.
My problem is with my left hip giving me trouble I have to stand on it and put pressure on it to do the exersices on my right and sometimes I am just not able to because of pain.
I have a appointment with the pain Dr on the 2nd I am hoping I can get pain meds,
we will see.
I still never got the step stool painted I am hoping to do that today hoping it isn't so cold out have to do it outside. I will post a pic when done.   
I did finish a cross stitch I have it listed in my etsy store.
well it is 3:23am hope everyone has a great day going to try the bed out.
more to come

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