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Saturday, April 21, 2012

This and That

Well it's 1am on saturday morning I had a somewhat eventful friday for me anyways. My mother and I went to a rummage sale at a nearby church, their prices were very low I ended up spending a whole 3.25 I bought my grand daughter 2 barbie dolls, 2 school church in excellent condiiton for the next school year, a wicker lid, and a awesome throw rug. I thought these were great deals, We made a kmart stop for bath cleaner, a bucket, and a mop. Once home I washed beds sheets and remade beds,(with the help of my daughter) finished my son's laundry, swept the floors and cleaned the bathroom. I am hoping to get a step stool painted tomorrow so sunday I can get the fairies painted on it. Next week hoping to get a bench sanded and painted so I can list if for sale. I also have 2 finished stitch I am hoping to get onto backing tomorrow so I can get them listed on etsy. 
 My hips and legs hurt very badley right now which is why I am still up and suspect I will up a long while yet. The pain pills I have are just not strong enough to take away any pain. My legs and feet are tingling and numb so thats another problem.
I had my last day of therapy yesterday my therapist is recommending that I have more because I have not met my goals for stairs, pain or strength, I have a appointment with my Ortho Dr on monday I will see what he says.
Then on May 2nd I have a appointment with the pain Dr. I am telling him no more injections in any part of my body as I have had many of them with no results. I am hoping to get a pain patch to get me through the day and sleepless nights, I am jsut so tired all the time from lack of sleep. I am pretty sure I agree with the RSD diagnosis from the pain Dr. not 100% but almost I have almost all the systoms. We will see what he says.
I finshed my lighthouse table runner today just have to wash and press it. I decided instead of selliong it I am giving as a gift to my ex mother in law from my grand daughter she has a birthday comming up. She collects lighthouse stuff has a ton.
Still deciding what to do for my grand daughters birthday which is late May, We have a small pool, sandbox, and a couple toys but not really enough for kids to do. So I thoguht maybee at a waterpark but the nearest one is 25 mins away not sure if parents want to drive 5 and 6 year olds for a party. I will figure out something.
Please remember April is child abuse awarness month. If anyoen suspects neglect, or abuse of a child please report it it will not be a one time occurance, it will continue until someone stops it you could be that person.
I have posted pics of the awesome $1.00 throw rug I got and of the finished table ruuner. Already started another cross stitch.
more to come

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